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An Outdoor Decking Tiles Patio with a Bench

Decking Tiles Installation Guide

Probably the single biggest advantage that deck tiles have over traditional decking is their fast and easy installation process. Whereas a standard deck can take days to build, anyone can install wood tiles in just a matter of hours. This page offers some advice so you can get the most our of your deck.

1. Prior to installation, we recommend letting your tiles acclimate to your environment for at least 36 - 48 hours.

2. Treating your tiles with a hardwood deck oil will help highlight the rich color of the wood and maximize its lifespan. Simply coat all sides of the tile using a 3/8" nap roller. Wipe off any excess oil with a rag and let dry.

3. Use DeckWise™ tile connectors to hold your tiles in place. For corners and edges, score the connector with a knife, then bend to snap it apart.

3. Start in the corner of your space. Since the tiles are square, 90° angles work best. The decking tiles come with predrilled holes in each corner. Press the black pine tree pegs on the DeckWise connectors into these holes.

4. Simply lay down the tiles in diagonal rows. By rotating the tiles in different patterns, you can create a nearly endless variety of designs. If there's any furniture in your way, it can easily be moved as needed; just another way decking tiles save you time and effort!

5. When you reach the edge of your space, you may have to cut tiles to fit. To cut the tile parallel to the boards, remove the screws securing the boards that you want to cut off, then trim the exposed backing. You'll have to drill a new hole in the corners to receive the deck tile connector. To cut the tile perpendicular to the boards, first remove the center backing piece, then cut across the boards. Remove the backing from the discarded half of the tile and secure it to the part you're going to keep. Finally, replace the center backing, which may have to be trimmed to fit. Because exotic hardwoods are so tough, we highly recommend using carbide-tipped sawblades.

6. If you get tired of the design you chose, it's easy to rearrange decking tiles. Just lift and rotate!

Decking Tile Calculator

Give us the square footage of your project and we'll tell you how many deck tiles you'll need and how much you'll save by choosing our 20x20 tiles.

Input Your Square Footage:
Size Tiles Needed Price per Tile Total Cost
12x12 (competing tiles) $15.00 (average)
20x20* (our deck tiles) $17.49
  With our deck tiles you save:

*Finished dimensions approximately 19.63"x19.63".

If you need additional help, or have a special application, please contact us. We'd be happy to help customize your order to fit your specific project. Buy wood tiles direct today.