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Ipe decking tiles installed in a garage.

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Spend Less Time Building & More Time Enjoying

Typical deck installation carries a lot of costs including tools and labor. Who has time for that? Surely, you wish to spend more time enjoying your space rather than laboring over it? Now, thanks to our line of decking tiles, you get all the benefits of a true hardwood deck without spending much money or energy! Learn more about our brand of decking tiles.

Each 20x20 wood-backed deck tile you install is made of the strongest Brazilian hardwood and offers the following benefits:

  • More affordable & larger than most other deck tile brands
  • Increased stability & less prone to warping than composite tiles
  • A cleaner, more polished look that lasts for years
  • Easy to install over a concrete slab (Call us for install details)
  • Z-backed support & stainless steel screws create rigid tiles
  • Naturally resistant to mold, decay, & termites

Ultra Durable, Ultra Affordable, & Ultra Chic

Depending on the size and scope of your project, installing wooden deck tiles can take just a few hours. When you combine ease of installation with the world-renowned strength of hardwoods like Ipe, you end up with a high-performing, fashionable space. As you can see from the image to your left, the result can stand up to just about anything! See more examples of completed projects at our gallery of deck tiles pictures.

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